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    i said brb to a guy on facebook 4 years ago and just now he replied ‘u back yet?’

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    you want a man with a strong jawline so you have a sturdy place to sit

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    Two fish are playing Street Fighter II and it is surprisingly awesome
    Right this minute, Aquarius and Robert the Bruce, two fish, are battling to the death in an epic game of Street Fighter II Turbo. You see, the two fish live in a fish tank wired up to a camera that tracks their movements and doles out the appropriate commands to the video game. It’s like FishPlaysPokemon, but more hardcore. I never thought I’d see one fish KO another fish using the “throw” move. But now I have, and I’m thankful.

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    the first time i saw this i actually laughed for an hour

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  10. Ferme de Riola, thanks for a great time. (at Camping La Ferme De Riola)

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    Band people on a windy day be like


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    House on Bohlgutsch (1956-57) in Zug, Switzerland, by Stucky and Meuli

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    Maison de Verre, 1928 - 1932, Pierre Chareau

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    Colored houses revisited (by the yard)

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